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of florence johnson brown, she could not read or write, but she was a good woman with a big heart and a stronger will. she took jerome and she said she could not imagine all the abuse he had been through. it just sounded too unbelievable. but she looked him in the eye and said, don't let your abuse be your excuse. she said someday you could be a great juvenile judge or case worker, something special. but there was a lot of rebellion and anger in the young man. he hated lots of people and things, and especially god. ms. brown would not heed jerome's fleas to leave -- pleas to leave him alone. she kept praying for him every single day by name. she said she knew there was good in him but prayed that god would not let him end up in jail or prison because she knew god could do something very special with him. he tried the praying thing himself but he was cynical. he wanted to go to college, he wanted to be a coach, but he knew no one who had money. but then he found out he could run really fast and play football really well. though his teacher told him he was too black and too stupid t
. congressman bud brown and joyce brown and his father, clarence brown, who also served in the united states congress. the list gos on and on. the -- to follow these great leaders, to have the opportunity to serve behind my mentors, has been a great honor. you know, i often will walk, when i'm here in washington, walk through the halls of the capitol at night when there's very few people around. i can tell you the history, the tradition, the integrity of this capitol is still there. and it speaks to you at night. often as i walk through the halls of the capitol or traveling throughout the district, folks will come up to me and remind me that when one door closes, another opens. and that god has a plan for all of us. as i begin the next chapter of my life with my wife of 26 years, eileen, and our three boys, brian, kevin and eric, i want to take this great experience, the knowledge, the memories from here in congress with me in the future. and i always will remember the advice my father gave to me when i first ran for my first office nearly 25 years ago, local precinct, county central committ
objection. mr. reid: mr. president, i ask unanimous consent that the vitter-brown of ohio amendment, which is at the desk, be agreed to, and the bill add amende as e read a third time and passed, motions to reconsider be laid on the table, that all statements related to the bill be placed in the record at the appropriate place as if read. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: i ask unanimous consent the foreign relations committee be discharged from further consideration of s. res. 613 and we proceed to that matter now. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: s. res. 613, urging the governments of europe and the european union to designate hezbollah as a terrorist organization and so forth. the presiding officer: is there objection to proceeding to the measure? without objection. mr. reid: the ask the senate proceed to a voice vote on the adochghts resolution. -- on the adoption of the resolution. the presiding officer: is there further debate? if not, all in favor say aye. those opposed say no. the ayes appear to have it. the ayes have it. the resolution is
. king: i rise in support of s. 1998, the dart act, introduced by senator scott brown of massachusetts. this will improve financial accountability and management at the department of homeland security. since the department opened its doors on march 1, 2003, financial management of all 22 emerged agencies has been one of the most significant challenges. fiscal year 2012, over nine years since d.h.s. was created, was the first time the department was able to complete a financial audit and received a qualified opinion on all five financial statements covering the entire department. unfortunately d.h.s. has been unable to get an unqualified or clean opinion stating that there are no material weaknesses in its financial systems. until such time there is confidence in the d.h.s. financial structure, questions will remain on how d.h.s. accounting -- on how d.h.s. accounts for taxpayer money. this important legislation is needed but will require the department to create a plan to meet the requirements to reach an unqualified opinion. specifically, the bill requires the secretary of state to ta
and brown before they got into power with the labor party. and the deal, the first one came along at a time when the idea of portraying very prominent public figures certainly within the realm of politics nobody did that unless it was sketch shows, comedy that kind of thing. the idea of actually depicting presidents, the idea of doing that is you can't take it seriously, that kind of thing. so the idea that peter morgan who is a well respected writer but hadn't found his voice up to that point. it wasn't until he wrote "the deal" he found his groove. having him on board and having proper producers behind it gave it a seriousness and a weight that nothing had had before that was looking at these sort of people. so "the deal" was on tv. i was offered the part and no one knew what to expect. everyone expected it to fail and not work. and i think through a combination of factors, the tone was right and it was acceptable and suddenly once the tone was acceptable and people were able to accept watching a drama which includes tony blair in bed. as soon as you take that seriously it opens an entire
to have an electric car or natural gas-powered car and you see what happens. senator brown alexander has been a real leader in this and he even has an electric car. he is going the distance here, walking the walk. that's the kind of thing government can do. government can do a lot on the regulatory side to slow things down if you forget to have effective cost-benefit analysis, but it can do a lot on the project side to really find something that works and the community becomes the laboratory for change and that others can then model. you do not have to do it everywhere and if you can show in water to a location that there really work. that is the driving force behind the idea of that lamar has been a significant spokesperson for. >> do like that car? >> i do like it. i have driven my leaf. i live in this building in a plug in the wall when i go home at night. that's all i have to do. deployment communities are a good idea. sometimes the government can have a demonstration project that makes a difference. they did a hydraulic factory and we have had fracking are around forever. three thin
are one family in this great country of ours. we are black and white, we are brown, we are republicans and democrats. we are conservatives and liberals. we are gays and straights. we are from every part of this great country of ours, every region, small-town, large city, rural areas. but there is something that binds the americans together that i believe is unique among the nation's of the earth, and we are celebrating a part of that you need this today. and so, as we contemplate the future, let us remember that god has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound bite. thank you. -- and of a sound mind. thank you. >> thank you, governor strickland. i now ask for a motion to designate the secretary of state as the ex-officio official. >> i moved jon hustend be designated as the axle official secretary of the 53rd electoral college. bemoving that mr. husted designated. all those in favor by seeing aye. opposed? ayes have it. secretary, will you please return to the podium. we elect torrors are about to ct our votes for president of the united states. the proc
and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from florida is recognized. ms. brown: thank you, mr. speaker. social security has nothing to do with the debt problems that we're facing now. the seniors and disabled should not be held hostage by the republicans. their only priority in this debate is to protect american's wealthiest citizens. under former president bush, our nation financed two wars on the credit card and senior citizens should not be collateral damage. we lost trillions of dollars through irresponsible tax cuts and let's be clear, tax cuts are the same as spending when it comes to the deficit. and now the republican party's proposed solution is to make up the difference from taking money from seniors. that is unacceptable. i am from florida, home of mr. pepper and if he were here he would be furious that a program developed to keep seniors out of poverty has been jeopardized by tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from texas ris
this gentleman 10 minutes to answer that. but that's the question. my analogy is the charlie brown , president obama, the fiscal cliff, football, is always being yavepingd out from him from the nancy republicans in both the house and the senate. and isn't it time to let the football, the american people, get a little -- get a touchdown? let's have a touchdown. where is the job bill? you keep talking about jobs. where are -- i haven't heard -- i watch the news all the time, and i haven't heard republicans prevent any jobs bill. host: and beverly, we got a lot on the table there. we'll get an answer from representative huelskamp. beverly is a -- guest: it's illegal to say merry christmas in congress. i will take that -- the football that lucy holds is usually spending cuts. i'm afraid we are going to take a swing at this fiscal cliff and the football sitting there and we're not going to make any spending cuts. we have a spending problem in washington, d.c., not rieff knew problem. republican today are going to be -- we are never going to get our deficit under control. and we're going to never ge
from bull's best said. polls-simpson said brown the base, lower the rates. we now have the president's proposing raising the rates and opposing a base-broadening measure. republicans want to keep the rate same and run the base, but that is different. bowles-simpson had it right. i look at the logic of the white house with regard to the idea of capping a itemized deductions. i would like to take a look at it from a cost-benefit point of view. we're looking at tax expenditures, and we should benefits inst of doing it. they're against it for two reasons, the first one was effected some taxpayers making less than 2 hen $50,000, which is true. this would be a $50,000 cap, said the people we're talking about are people who are using way above average levels of itemized deductions at that level. when -- to the analysis using the tabulated data, i get about 1.2 million taxpayers with incomes under $250,000 over the $50,000 cap. according to the white house, they are proposing to get around that by a method that costs $200 billion over the 10 years. if you apportion that to protect these 1.2
was first up, but it looks like it might be texas. excuse me. florida. ms. brown: i'm from florida, and i'm from the home of claude pep per, and he was a -- pepper, and he was mr. social security. and he was here during the time of ronald reagan and he plead sure that social security, which was enacted under the democrats, and i will never forget newt gingrich said he wanted it to wither on the vine. that's been their philosophy. now, i feel that medicaid, medicare and social security is the difference between us and many of the thirled-world countries. in fact, it has been the bedrock of american politics as far as helping to raise the standards. and you know, many of my colleagues often talk about the bible. well, the bible says -- i never heard them say let's help the rich. the bible always talks about the poor and what we need to do to help raise the standards. that's what we're supposed to be doing in the people's house. during the campaign, they constantly confused the american people, talking about the $715 billion that was in both proposals that was savings that we put back into t
and worked at a plant that made industrial magnets. he later attended brown university which is something we have in common and played rugby well according to some of my rugby-playing friends and met his wife there. he is a lawyer by trade with a law degree from notre dame and started out in the general counsel's office in 1993 which then merged with bank of america in 2004 and was eventually elevated to general council in 2008. when bank of america bought merrill lynch as it was teetering on the edge of the financial crisis he was named c.e.o. of the investment firm then c.e.o. of the bank. so brian became c.e.o. at a time we all agree was a tumultuous time in the banking industry. under his leadership the bank has focused on reducing non-core business assets as well as its mortgage surfacing portfolio. "fortune" magazine wrote of brian reveals that he has proven his mettle as team builder and crisis manager and perhaps uniquely suited for the job of chief executive in the banking world. the business is now so complicated and so fraught with hidden dangers lodged in esso take that leaders a
>> that wraps up to date's pro- forma session. we also heard that senator scott brown had confirmed that report. white house sources are vehemently denying that. the white house saying they have not sent up any bill or any built up to capitol hill today. we expect to have a question comes up when steny hoyer talks with reporters. that is supposed to happen in about five minutes. we will have live coverage when the minority whip speaks to reporters. in the meantime, we will bring you harry reid who opened the senate session this morning with comments on the situation, and we will hear what he had to say about the fiscal cliff now. : new year's eve is fast approaching and for decades and decades the american people have watched the ball drop in times square. it's the countdown to midnight, the start of a new year. but this year, mr. president, the american people are waiting for the ball to drop but it's not going to be a good drop. because americans' taxes are approaching the wrong direction. come the first of this year, americans will have less income than they have today. if we go over the cli
spending in the future. the cartoon last week was the one with lucie and the football and charlie brown. the american people are like, we're not buying that american. and we did it the last time. i agree we should and that's certainly something we'll be pushing to do. in the context of this debate, but frankly also in the context of what -- the debt ceiling debate that takes place in february, march of thecks year. >> let me follow up on that question with a related one. it's one thing to stand up to the president on this but when we look at the data we know that government spending is a percentage of g.d.p. has risen under republican majorities more than under democratic majorities. that's something that creates a lot of discomfort with the r.s.c. and r.s.c. leadership. how can we deal with that a little bit better? >> one is to provide a vision for where we have to go. and we have done this the last three years. and we put on alternative budget. we think by putting on a budget, it shows a path to balance in a reasonable period of time. our one last year balanced in 5 1/2 years, accord
of this country, they take that football and it's a charlie brown episode. they jerk the ball away. this is what they're doing again. republicans have walked away from serious negotiations we've held for the past 3 1/2 years. as soon as president obama was elected, we started talking about the need to do something with the long-term financial security of this country. compromising takes courage. walking away as they have done is so easy, but there's a small but vocal minority pulling the strings in the republican caucus in the house. the tea party's agenda could not be further from the priorities of middle-class americans. yet, whenever the time comes between the republicans to choose between the tea party and the american people, the tea party wins and the american people lose. americans are clear what they want. democrats, republicans, independents, more than 60% of republicans believe that the rich should pay more. they want a balanced plan that combines smart spending cuts with asking the wealthiest americans to pay their fair share. they want us to protect the middle class from having a $2,
. it just turns brown and does not char. >> thank you for being such a rock star engineer. i really look up to that. u.s. spoken this whole evening about inspiration and the fact that everyone that you look up to was inspired at some time. i wonder if you have your own branch whose sole purpose is to inspire youth? >> you know, i am very familiar. i was judged at the first u.s. first competition. i was invited to be a judge and the competition was just too high schools in manchester the first year. so i am very familiar and supportive of that. i gave a talk at a brand new charter school in my home town where they are starting off kids with robotics between the ages of 6 and 13. boy, are they excited to go to school. let's see. the big problem that we had that we never could even do a student summer co-op program -- the problem is, our company was so small that it was hard for us to build barriers from one project to another. everyone of them essentially is nonpublic. richard branson is program, he tells everyone about it. in almost every other program, they don't want to leave that informat
, and from brown university, the 2012 presidential election. now a conversation on emerging economies like china, india, and brazil. we will hear from a new york university economist that says china is on the decline. he says sustainable economic growth is not possible. another economist argues china will continue growing. it is moderated by one of the magazine's editors. >> the emerging economies were the place to go if you wanted to feel optimistic. this year, there is a pretty sharp slowdown in emerging economies and i think a lot of questioning as to whether they can keep up the stellar growth rates. whether there is something bigger changing. if the models themselves have to be looked at. that is what has to be looked at for 2013. we have outstanding individuals that are both known for very contrary and views on emerging economies, we will start with bill easterly. he is probably best known to you for his books that have been best sellers. why the west has done so much harm and so little good, a very non-provocative book. and how they both fundamentally changed the way people thought
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17